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The PetroCAD team will use our unique software to create versatile mathematically accurate models of well equipment , sub assemblies or entire well completion assets. Submit your project brief today or call now on +44 845 544 3715

PetroCAD Digitisation Services

We will use our proprietary software to create mathematically accurate 2D and 3D models of your equipment and the near well bore geology it is situated.

These models can then be used to analyse and accurately record your “as planned” or “as built” well assets; for project management, intervention planning or lifecycle management purposes. PetroCAD well models can also contribute to authority information compliance reporting, well integrity assessment, insurance assessment and asset sales.

PetroCAD digitised wells models bring together disparate information to create a single source of truth, an accurate 3D model of the wellbore, near wellbore geology, reservoir and contextual engineering data. Furthermore, our models provide visibility and clarity of the well profile, casing, cement, perforations and completion string in relation to the reservoir and target payzones.

PetroCAD virtual-twin models provide the optimal foundation for performing simulations that produce highly accurate results that engineers can trust to make better informed design decisions.

Digitisation Solutions

Fully interactive digital modelling of subsurface well assets is at the core of what we do at PetroCAD.

Using our bespoke in-house software, our team has the ability to create accurate to-scale real world 3D digital models and 2D schematics of the entire wellbore including all well completion equipment.

PetroCAD models can be easily integrated into you engineering workflows to provide easy interrogation, editing and collaboration of the well completion system.

Why Use our Digitisation Services

Our team has significant experience building both 2D and 3D CAD engineering solutions that enhance design capability and team productivity.

We work closely with you to digitise your well assets (equipment, sub-assembly or complete well system). Simply provide the PetroCAD team with basic information regarding the assets to be digitised and we do the rest. Information can include trajectory, geology tops, reservoir zones, casing and cement profile, completion, etc in the form of excel, PDF schematic documents or any proprietary format. The PetroCAD team then proceeds to create accurate digital models based on the information provided.

Our team can digitise individual parts and assemblies to thousands of wells quickly and efficiently for you.

Benefits of Digitised Assets

Once digitised the assets can be used in a variety of ways to improve current practises.

  • Design validation
  • Well integrity
  • Centralised Storage
  • Easy access to important assets and asset information
  • Improved communication and knowledge.
    • Design phase
    • Asset transfer or sale
    • Project management
    • Intervention / decommission planning
  • Customer / contractor communication

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